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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) are the core of drug manufacturing. To Manufacturers and Contract manufacturers of drug products all utilize one API or more to make their drug product.

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With more pharmaceutical raw materials and active intermediates available worldwide, find a reliable partner for any pharmaceutical manufacturer. Many active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) related portfolios include folates and custom synthesis, as well as custom active ingredient product families. This includes activated PEGs used in drug conjugation. Comprehensive support for all stages of API development and production – from process development and optimization to regulatory affairs. High-quality APIs are produced in accordance with cGMP guidelines and are subject to strict quality assurance procedures.

Product for API Synthesis include:
– Solvents
– Non GMP Intermediates
– Salt screening
– Sterile Sampling
– Bioburden Reduction/Particulate Control
– Sterile Filtration
– Process Validation & Equipment Qualification
– Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

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